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I traveled across Australia for 6 months and lived with Aborigines
in the Outback for several weeks;
then worked for Adilam Electronics in Melbourne, AUS.
  • Diploma of interior design, Manhattan
  •  Best newcomer fine artist of the year, Manhattan
  • Spotlight report 'newcomer artist' in the
    filmmakers magazine Los Angeles
  • Old age makeup artist for film and video at
    Last Looks Makeup Academy, Los Angeles
  • Avid film editing & motion graphics school, Video Symphony, Los Angeles
  •  Copyright of 'Mahalo Sunrise' (film treatment)
    Registration #1322103) - Writer's Guild West California

  • Bald caps & skin tone makeup for film and video at
    Last Looks Makeup Academy, Manhattan
  • International forensic photography workshop at the medical
    examiner department, City of Miami police department 

  • Published 'Mahalo Sunrise' in German - ISBN 978-0-557-37646-9
  • Published 'Mahalo Sunrise' in English  - ISBN 978-0-557-85218-5
    True story of my life - Happened in Waikiki, Hawaii.
  • Launch party & book signing 'Mahalo Sunrise', at the
    Hotel Surfcomber,
    Miami Beach
  • International Book Award Los Angeles for 'Mahalo Sunrise':
    Category: Best true / Non-fiction story
  • My book 'Mahalo Sunrise' at the Book Expo America, Crystal Room,
    Javits Center, Manhattan NY
  • Spotlight report in Florida Sun Magazine (4 pages in German):
  •   Byron Eggers Radio Shows, Delray Beach, FL
    (25 Jun, 6 Aug, 22 Oct & 17 Dec 2011)

Published 'M.I.A. P3' in German - ISBN 978-1-387-20608-7
2nd true story of my life - Happened in Miami.
Mein 2. Buch: M.I.A. P3 - Albtraum im Doppelpack ist in deutscher Sprache
im November 2017 erschienen. Schauplatz: Miami, Florida.
Es ist eine weitere traumatische Geschichte aus meinem Leben.
2006 South Florida Art Center, Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

2007 + 2008 Private homes in Bel-Air, Brentwood, Los Angeles,
Santa Monica, West Palm Beach, Miami Beach

2009 Art Basel Miami Beach at:
  •  Cummings Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale
  •  City Loft Art in Miami Design District

Art Basel Miami Beach: Convention Center Miami Beach

  • Private homes in Palm Island and Star Island, Miami
  • Spring Galleria, Ft. Lauderdale 
(Group Exhibition)

Visual Arts Exhibition, Boca Raton (Group Exhibition)





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