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1985 Châtel St. Denis, Switzerland
Master of Business and Administration (in French and English)


1998 Honolulu, Hawaii
Academic Speeches - Journalism


2001 Leeds U.K. and Zurich
Teaching Kids English


 2003 Zurich
Nutrition Coach


2006 Miami
- Classical Feng Shui
- Taoism (
Living in harmony with 'Tao' - 'Way')


 2007 Manhattan, New York
Certified Interior Desiger


2008 Los Angeles
HD Essentials - From analog to high definition
- Digital Film Editing
- Digital Motion Graphics


2009 Miami
Forensic Photography (crime scenes, morgue)

2009 Brooklyn, NY
Certified County Animal Response Member


2014 San Francisco and Zurich
Special Event Planner


2016 Udemy, San Francisco (online studies)
- Disease Syndroms and Symptoms
- Detox Your Entire Life
- Manage Stress Effectively (Coach)
- Social Media Manager
Social Media Crisis Prevention


Studies 'digital world & psychology'

- Maintaining Cyber Security
- Cognitive Development In Social Context
- Happiness Psychology In A Digital World
- Healthy Home Environment
- Work & Life Balance For Entrepreneurs
- Certified Coach in Applied Individual Psychology (Dr. Alfred Adler)



Since 2008 - Disaster Relief Volunteer with the American Red Cross












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